Rent. Play. Return. (Repeat)

Get ready for epic adventures with Rentals. We want to move people through the joy of sport, so we’ve got you covered in a variety of ways.

You can rent sports equipment instore, order sport apparel & camping for home delivery or book ski equipment to be collected directly on the slopes.

Rentals can be ordered online with live availability & great cancellation policies. Rentals are the perfect option for weekend getaways or to try out a new sport without the commitment of having to buy all the gear first.

The sustainable way to play
Why are Decathlon offering a rental service?

Our mission is to make sport sustainably accessible to the many, and rental is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint whilst offering another way to enjoy sport. By renting our products instead of selling them, we can increase the usage of each item, which means we can produce less & have a lower impact on the planet. We know rental isn’t for everyone, but we want to give you the option & flexibility to enjoy different sports at a great price, whilst reducing our environmental impact.

What is the Rentals offering from Decathlon?

We want to make all of your adventures possible so we are always adding to our rental catalogue. Decathlon currently offers a range of rental products from E bikes to surfboards and everything in between! Kayaks, SUPs, skates & longboards, rooftop tents for cars & vans, tennis rackets and more! You can even try our exclusive innovation products such as the Tamahoo inflatable windsurfer and 5S inflatable sailing dinghy. Rental selection will vary between locations.

What are the benefits?

- Great value on longer term rentals over hourly rentals to ensure you make the most from your adventure
- You’re not restricted to the practise location - feel free to explore AND extend your rental on the go
- Live availability and online booking
- Low deposits (only taken 24 hours in advance) and a great cancellation policy
- Great selection of products and sports to rent from

Why should I do this vs buying?

Rental means you can try new sports or enjoy a variety of sports without having to invest in all of the equipment upfront. You can try before you buy if you are wanting to invest!

No storage or maintenance costs - we take care of that for you!

Great value and flexibility - pay for what you want, when you want

Experience sports you would never invest in with our innovation range

Find your nearest store

Rental ranges are available from all Decathlon stores. Use the link below to find your nearest store and see what they have available to rent today!