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You may not always need a full-sized tent for your outdoor adventures. A camping shelter might be better if you're heading to the beach or planning a quick pitch wild camp under the stars. Order online today and make the most of our fast delivery service.
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Brunner Pilote

Brunner Pilote

Tahiti Pop Up Beach Shelter

Tahiti Pop Up Beach Shelter



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Camping Tarp

Camping tarps are an often underrated bit of camping kit. But they are hugely versatile and can be used for many different things. You can use a tarp as a makeshift porch for your tent to extend your camping setup and give you extra space to cook your evening meal. If you have friends staying in neighbouring tents, a camping tarp can provide a common area for everyone to store their kit or even just shelter under. Alternatively, if you want to get close to nature with some wild camping, just grab your camping tarp and a hammock for a night under the stars.

You don't always need to put up a full tent if you want a little shelter from the wind or sun. If you're taking the family to the beach for a day out, a camping tarp or shelter is ideal for protecting you from the strong sun. Even while splashing around in the sea, your camping shelter can be hard at work, stopping sand from getting blown over your belongings. You can fold camping tarps down quite small, so it's easy to fit one into your backpack to take with you. A camping tarp is a great bit of kit that every camper should own.

If you want something a little more heavy-duty than a camping shelter or tarp, then a gazebo is a great alternative. Whether you want to create a bit of a social hub where friends and family can get together out of the rain or bright sun, somewhere to store your belongings so they won't get dirty or wet or just somewhere outside to sit, that's sheltered from the rain. A gazebo can add some valuable extra space to your camp.

Every camping kit should have a good quality outdoor rug. They're perfect for a camping holiday, a picnic in the countryside or even a day at the beach. Outdoor rugs come in various shapes, sizes, and designs that will protect you from the damp ground when you take a break while camping, hiking, or enjoying a picnic with your friends and family.

A few good quality and comfortable camping chairs are essential for any camping trip. So, if you're planning your next outdoor adventure, make sure you have some camping chairs so you don't have to sit on the floor. Folding camping chairs are great for taking on camping excursions or even festivals as they're lightweight and easy to fold down and store.

Looking forward to a good long hike on your next camping holiday? Make sure you've got a good set of trekking poles to take with you. They are a really useful bit of kit, especially for those long and tough hikes. Decathlon's trekking poles are lightweight, sturdy and comfortable to hold. A definite must for your next outdoor adventure.

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