Skateboard Parts

Get spare wheels, screws and the tools to fix them all in our collection of skateboard parts. Perfect for a day at the skate park, get your compact emergency kit for quick and easy maintenance and upgrades and prevent wobbly wheels when it's your turn on the half pipe.
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Skateboard Parts

Find all the skateboard parts you need for your trustee skateboards, cruiser boards and waveboards to fix, maintain and upgrade your board along with some extra accessories to keep you entertained. From skateboard wheels and skateboard trucks to your very own skateboard ramp and skateboard bearings — we stock everything you need to help you get the most out of your ride.

Skateboard Wheels

Looking to upgrade your skateboard wheels? We offer some incredible cruiser wheels to make your journey one to remember. Our cruiser wheels are perfect for both cruisers and longboards, coming in a variety of sizes, colours and designs. Get your perfect skateboard wheels and enjoy better glide performance, easier handling and powerful traction.

Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard trucks are the backbone of your skateboard and you’ll find your perfect pick in our range covering all skill levels with a variety of specs, whether you’re replacing a broken skateboard truck or looking for an upgrade to meet your new demands as you level up. From a lightweight baseplate to prioritising robustness and durability, don’t sacrifice glide performance or handling with Decathlon.

Skateboard Ramp

Ready to try your hand at some new tricks? We stock a range of powerful skateboard ramps to help you finetune your stunts, whether you’re on a skateboard or BMX bike, our skateboard ramp will hold. We keep our skateboard ramps lightweight and compact so you can take your own personal skatepark with you wherever you go. Don’t forget to get your skateboard knee pads if you’ll be working on some ambitious moves.

Skateboard Bearings

Your skateboard does a lot of work for you, carrying a sizeable amount of weight while keeping you moving at impressive speeds requires a sturdy construction - and your skateboard bearings are part of that equation. It’s no wonder why these can wear out over time and use! If you need to get your skateboard bearings changed, find high-standard and durable varieties right here. Get the perfect glide quality and keep friction to a minimum with Decathlon’s pick of skateboard bearings.

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