Kayak Paddles

Power yourself along the river, lake or seashore with our pick of the best kayak paddles. Choose from fixed one-piece paddles or adjustable, collapsible styles, ideal for use amongst family members of different sizes and easy storage. Pick up a paddle leash here too.
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How to choose your kayak paddle

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When buying a new kayak, it’s important to pair it with the right kayak paddle to suit your skill level and the waterway you’ll be taking on. Whether it’s speed, acceleration, comfort or stability — your kayak paddles have something to say about it. Browse our range of kayak oars, available in a variety of different lengths, materials, blades and shafts, all prioritising different aspects of kayaking to make sure you find your perfect fit.

Kayak Paddles UK

Decathlon offers one of the most high-quality kayaking equipment at competitive prices, fitted with unique functionality that’ll boost your kayaking experience to guarantee comfort and stability with every paddle.

Great grip and propulsion come as a standard when it comes to our kayak paddles. You’ll find our range of kayak oars to be powerful and sturdy to keep up against the stronger currents, giving you enough drag to push through the water with minimal effort. But it’s not just about speed. Our kayak paddles are also lightweight, and easy to sample and dismantle with a two-part split for better transportability and handling.

Adjustable Kayak Paddles

Our range of adjustable kayak paddles allows you to adjust the angle of the paddle head to minimise wind resistance when the head is out of the water during the paddling motion. It’s a fishing favourite and will ensure your paddling strokes have a greater output for everything you put in.

Our adjustable kayak paddles are easy to adjust without the need for any technical expertise or special tools — although you can never go wrong with stocking up on a few extra kayak spare parts.

Find the perfect adjustable kayak paddles for you, with two sizes available, be prepped next time you meet wind resistance while out on the water. Looking to get your swimwear together too? Check out our range of kayak wetsuits for the decathlon-approved fit.

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