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Stunt Scooter Parts UK

Whether you’re building your stunt scooter from scratch or are looking at upgrading your existing setup — the right stunt scooter parts are key. Our online stunt scooter parts shop gives you everything you need to transform your scooter, from wall grips, collar clamps and bells to bigger and better wheels, grips and even nitro circus — all of which are Oxelo branded for guaranteed quality.

Looking to buy larger quantities? Get wholesale stunt scooter parts today and browse our scooter accessories for more.

Best Stunt Scooter Parts Near You

Find the best stunt scooter parts near you with the Decathlon pick, perfect for stunts, tricks and pro scooters so you can replace worn-out or broken parts with higher-quality, durable and sleek Oxelo alternatives.

Want to add a sturdy base to your stunt scooter to stand on? You’ll find the best in our online stunt scooter parts shop. Our scooter pegs attach securely to the wheels and are a great way to learn brand-new tricks and skills on sold foundations. Our range of flex brakes impresses as they are designed to flex back in shape without relying on springs, this will reduce wear on your wheels so you get more use out of them in the long run!

Discover Oxelo’s pro deck, fork and handlebars that feature durable aluminium and steel construction to resist the stress of freestyle scooting, while our range of pro grips offer greater handling and control for your hands and feet.

While you’re upgrading your scooter, why not upgrade your safety gear with Decathlon’s range of stunt scooter helmets for extra safety?