Kids Sports Equipment & Accessories for PE

Welcome to our range of kids sports equipment & accessories, designed to help your little ones enjoy PE classes and sports activities to the fullest. From durable soccer goals and baseball bats to colourful cones and agility ladders, we’ve got everything your child needs to stay active, healthy, and happy. Shop now and let the games begin!
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HXGN Floor Guards 4-Pack

HXGN Floor Guards 4-Pack

Crystal Poi Lite

Crystal Poi Lite

Indy Jumbo stilts

Indy Jumbo stilts

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We are dedicated to providing top-quality sports equipment and accessories specially designed for children, ensuring they have a fun and safe experience whilst taking part in their favourite sports. We have a wide selection of accessories to suit indoor and outdoor activities for kids. Our diverse range of sports equipment and accessories for kids is suitable for all ages and interests. Whether your little ones are into soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming, or any other sport, we have everything they need to excel and have a blast.

Safety First

We understand that safety is a top concern for parents. That's why all our kids sports equipment undergoes rigorous testing and meets the highest safety standards. From protective gear to reliable equipment, we prioritise the well-being of your little athletes.

Great Quality and Durability

Kids can be rough on their sports gear, which is why we prioritise quality and durability in our products. We source from reputable manufacturers known for their commitment to producing long-lasting and resilient sports equipment.

We believe that sports equipment should be designed with children in mind. Our products feature user-friendly designs, making it easier for kids to handle and enjoy their favourite sports. From lightweight rackets to adjustable goals, our selection is tailored to fit smaller hands and bodies.

Fun and Vibrant Styles

We understand the importance of aesthetics in capturing children's attention and enthusiasm. Our sports equipment and accessories come in a variety of eye-catching colours and playful designs that make every game or practice session an exciting adventure.

Balls For Kids

From fun gym hopper balls to soft foam balls, we have a wide selection of high-quality balls for various sports. Choose from different sizes and materials to match your child's preferences and skill level.

Essential Sports Accessories

Hairbans and Scrunchies

Keep your child's hair in place and their focus on the game with our assortment of headbands. Designed to stay in position during rigorous activities, these headbands absorb sweat and provide a comfortable fit, allowing young athletes to perform at their best.

Sweatbands and Wristbands

Let your kids showcase their style while keeping sweat at bay with our trendy sweatbands and wristbands. These accessories are fashionable and functional, helping absorb moisture and providing extra grip during intense workouts or games.

At Decathlon, we are passionate about encouraging kids to stay active and develop a love for sports. We aim to provide parents with peace of mind, knowing their children are equipped with the best sports gear available. Explore our extensive collection of kids' sports equipment and accessories today and give your little athletes the tools they need to shine!

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