Table Tennis Accessories

From bat covers and ball holders to table covers and fresh rubber (frequent play can wreak havoc on your paddles), we've got all the accessories you need for your table tennis setup. Keep track of your leaderboard with your own scoreboards and umpire table.
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Table cover SPORT

Table cover SPORT

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Our Decathlon table tennis collection is filled with your must-have essentials. The Decathlon table tennis has everything you need to accommodate your playstyle and help you boost your performance.

Our ping pong table accessories range offers equipment across all skill levels, giving you everything for your indoor setup, garden table tennis play area or even club play.


From table tennis blades to whip up your very own custom bat fitted with the most suitable table tennis bat rubbers to help you focus and improve specific aspects of your gameplay. We have a wide choice of table tennis rubbers, from reverse and sticky to anti-spin and implied

You’ll also find bat rubber and cleaner spray and sponges for bat maintenance so you can get as much play from your practice partner as possible, including table tennis bat covers and bags to keep your table tennis accessories safe and sound, coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and brands.

Did you know we offer mono-colour printing to help you personalise your kit in bulk? We print across clothes and fabrics in a wide variety of colours.

Browse through the big brands in our ping pong accessories collection, from Pongori and Tobhar to Joola and Artengo; find the peace of mind you need for guaranteed quality as you make big and small purchases alike. Browse a range of table tennis must-haves and accessories today. We champion durability, ease of use and convenience across all our offerings.

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