Road Bike Parts

The Decathlon range of road bike parts ensures you can keep your ride up and running 24/7. From handlebars to cleats and bike frames to saddles, we’ve got plenty of choice and many leading branded products for your road bike.
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Road Bike Parts

Keeping your bike on the road is easy with the Decathlon range of road bike parts and accessories. You may be looking to upgrade elements of your bike, or simply need to replace them during routine maintenance, in all instances we’ve got you covered.

Road Bike Frames and Stems

For the perfect cycle every time you need comfort and the right frame size and stem set up is vital for ensuring this. Our range of road bike framesandbike stems allows you to customise your bicycle perfectly for your next trip.

Road Bike Pedals and Handlebars

Over time, your pedals can depreciate and lose their grip. Investing in new road bike pedalsfrom our range gives you a choice of recognisable brands and high quality products to suit your riding style, from basic models to those designed for more proficient riders. Similarly, upgrading your handlebars can also transform your ride and make it significantly more comfortable. Our range ofroad bike handlebars are tailored to the specific needs of road cyclists, ensuring comfort and optimal performance every time.

Our range of parts for your road bike ensure it is both safe and comfortable to use. Customising your road bike to your individual specifications guarantees more enjoyable and satisfying rides. Our product range incorporates everything you could need to improve or upgrade your road bike.

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