Cycling Clothing

From tops to sculpting leggings, Decathlon has a full range of clothing designed to streamline your body & wick away moisture. Our cycling clothing makes your rides more comfortable.
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Cycling Clothes

Having the right road cycling clothing is essential for every ride, all year round. Not only is cycling wear designed to fit comfortably whilst riding, but it is also designed to be practical, deflecting moisture and offering protection from rain, shine and other weather conditions.

Your cycling outfit can have an impact on your speed and comfort on your journey, so the more that you cycle the more important it becomes to have both winter cycling gear and summer.

Cycling Gear

There's a variety of other elements of cycling kit that can help you improve the comfort of your ride, from bike helmetsto cycling shoes andovershoes.

If you're going any distance you might need to take supplies, whilst a bottle can be easily attached to your bike and a pocket for your phone, if you have more to take with you then have a look at our cycling backpacksandsaddle bags.

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