Neoprene Gloves & Booties

Discover the ultimate comfort and protection for your next snorkeling adventure with Decathlon's range of top-quality neoprene gloves and booties. Engineered for ultimate performance, our products provide excellent grip and flexibility, making every swim a secure and enjoyable experience. Dive into our selection and take your snorkeling game to the next level!

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Protect your feet from stones and slips

Good for snorkelling, diving, kayaking and many other water sports which require you to have good grip below water level, water shoes will give you the confidence to drop into the water and take a grip of the rocks with your feet. Whether you’re in the sea, a river or simply enjoying sport in a pool, these water shoes for women, men & kids will give your feet the support and cover they need.

The big benefit of wearing water shoes is the protection they offer your feet, so if you're diving in coral, or anywhere where there may be jagged edges near your feet, you can be sure these aqua shoes will keep your feet safe. We also stock wetsuits within our Snorkelling department.

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