Road Bike Brake Parts

It may sound obvious, but the mechanical parts of your road bike are incredibly important, from the cassettes and drivetrains to chains and brakes. Our varied collection of road bike brake parts improves the quality of your bike, ensuring a safe and fun ride.
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Road bikes are made for performance, speed and endurance and performance. How do you use yours? Maybe to commute,or perhaps you’re racing? Regardless of the answer, maintaining your brakes is essential. To do that, you’ll need hoses, cables, pads…

Decathlon has your road bike brake parts covered. Are you a fan of Btwin? Browse our selection of Btwin road bike brake parts for the likes of clips and discs. Other brands in our collection include in-house Decathlon, Ashima, Clarks Cycle Systems, Shimano, Marwi, BBB, Fibrax, XLC and Transfil – plus more.

Our full range also offers tons of additional parts such as top-quality bicycle brake callipers, durable bike brake cables, and easy to fit bike gear shifters. And if you’re in the market for a new model, head to our road bikes section where you’ll find a varied choice across brands such as Triban, Van Rysel and Btwin.

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