Boxing Nutrition

Stay hydrated, replace electrolytes, build muscle and boost energy with our boxing nutrition range. Whether you want to buy in bulk or pick up singles, we have plenty of powders, shakes and boxing supplements for you to try.
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Boxing Nutrition

If you’re in the market for boxing nutrition for your pre or post-workout, it’s important to focus on health first and athletic performance second. 

Decathlon’s boxing nutrition range adheres to anti-doping regulations and guarantees that none of our boxing supplements contains unregulated ingredients and is safe to take - but make sure to follow the guidelines on the packaging to see maximum results in a safe way. 

Isotonic Energy Gels

Isotonic energy gels are a favourite in our range of boxers’ nutrition, able to deliver carbohydrates to your muscles quicker than ever before. The gels are known to be easily digestible and provide an excellent supply of energy before you start your workout or step into the ring. 

Don’t forget your dedicated boxing water bottles to stay hydrated when taking boxing nutrition. 

Protein Blend

You can’t have a boxing nutrition plan without the protein blend to go with it. We offer a range of whey protein blends with amino acids for boxing that act fast through quick absorption into your body. Coming in a wide range of flavours, fine-tune your boxing nutrition plan, stay clean and lean, and enjoy the benefits in the ring and out.

The protein blend is an excellent mass gainer for boxing, and if you’re in bulking season, it’s a great way to get your calories in and see results quicker. 

Decathlon’s range of boxing training nutrition is a convenient way to top up the natural nutrients you might be missing from your regular diet to put on mass, offset fatigue, and quickly and easily top up energy levels. 

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