Cycling Shoes & Overshoes

If you’ve ever had your foot slip off the pedal while cycling and hit your shins, you’ll understand the importance of the proper footwear for those who spend a lot of time on their bike. Here you’ll find a range of cycling shoes that covers multiple disciplines.

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Cycling Trainers

Our range of road bike shoes feature options for both men and women. They’re durable and lightweight, offering a firm pedal grip alongside protection and comfort. With rigid soles and a snug fit, teaming perfectly with our cycling tights and trousers, they add both speed and agility to your road cycling game.

Cycling Overshoes

There's nothing worse than cycling with wet feet. Waterproof cycling overshoes are ideal for any journey where there's a strong chance you'll get your feet wet from rain or spray back from the front wheel. When you're looking for winter cycling overshoes choose the right level of windproof, waterproof and insulating you need for how you use your bike the most. Look out for our MTB overshoes, specifically designed to go over the two-bolt mountain biking clip-in system.

Cycling Shoes

If you're looking for cycling shoes for men we have a selection which includes a range of colours and sizes, for whatever kind of cycling you're up to. Our range of cycling shoes for women come in smaller sizes and a range of styles to suit different activity types.

Keep those toes at their toastiest with our cycling socks. If you think there's a chance of a real chill you might need a base layerand someneck and arm warmers.

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