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The right tennis clothes can make all the difference. Tennis is a game that requires a lot of movement, so we want to feel comfortable on, and off the court. Whether it's a breathable t-shirt or a comfortable cap, shop from the best tennis brands at Decathlon.
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Finding the right tennis clothing is important for comfort and looking good on the court. It should be breathable, and allow us to move freely so we can play at our best. But with so much choice of tennis clothing on offer, how do you know what to choose?


When it comes to choosing a tennis outfit, you should look for something that's durable and comfortable for a game that requires a lot of movement. Tennis clothes should look good and the fabric should be breathable, to wick away any moisture and keep you dry. Most tennis players wear two pieces of clothing; skirts are generally popular with women, and men wear shorts. Tennis clothing comes in a variety of colours that enable players to mix and match to create their own styles.


Our summer tennis clothing range for women features lightweight shorts, polos, skorts, and tennis dresses. Many feature moisture management technology, wicking away moisture as you play to keep you comfortable throughout your session. You'll also need a sturdy tennis bag to carry your tennis racket, balls, and spare clothing in.


Our winter tennis clothing range for men includes thermal shorts, trousers, and sports socks ideal for chilly sports halls or an off-season match outdoors. And don't forget a comfortable and good quality pair of men's tennis shoes too so you can perfect your footwork.


No matter what time of year or which type of game, Decathlon has everything your young tennis player needs to stay cool, comfortable and agile on the tennis court. They also offer easy dressing and cleaning, making them an ideal choice for parents! If you’re looking for additional summer sportswear, why not browse our range of sports skirts for girls?

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