Hone your skills with Decathlon kayaks crafted by experts that boast unrivalled stability, comfort and cutting-edge technology for an unbeatable kayaking experience. River or sea, enjoy the water the best way how with the Decathlon pick.
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Decathlon Kayaks UK

Our range of Decathlon Kayaks stands apart in quality and variety. Browse our wide array of different styles that will suit anyone, from newcomers to the world of kayaking to kayaking veterans that need a little extra to outperform and compete among the best; you’ll find your fit here.

Beginner Kayaks for Sale

For beginners, you’ll find kayaks that prioritise stability and comfort to build your foundations the best way how. Our range of beginner kayaks will give you the peace of mind you need to learn the basics quicker than ever before. Our shorter kayak lengths will help you manoeuvre more easily, while our kayaks featuring a raised seat will help you find your balance — a game-changer for newcomers. Get the perfect induction into the world of kayaking with Decathlon kayaks.

Expert-made Kayaks

Buy a kayak from manufacturers who know and love the sport like no other and have proven to deliver on the unique demands of kayaking. Here at Decathlon, we offer a variety of kayak sizes that are easy to assemble and dismantle, boasting pure convenience before, during and after your outing. Our stability remains unrivalled, fitted with side stoppers and an inflatable board to up the support you can get, along with Decathlon-unique and patented glide performance so you can make a difference on the open waters.

We offer kayak spare parts online so you can maintain your kayak for years to come and in the best condition possible. Invest in the eco-choice that doesn’t let up on quality and check out our kayaks for sale today.

Need to get your other kayaking essentials in order? Check out our range of kayak wetsuitsandkayak paddles for the whole Decathlon-approved gear.

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