Synthetic fibres, cork or bristles, and even electronic, we've got a great range of dartboards, ideal for every level of player. Steel frames will be able to handle regular use best, and we find the numbers are crisper. If you're looking to impress your friends and have fun with the kids, an e-dartboard will do the trick.
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Dartboard with a difference

Decathlon offers a unique range of traditional dart boards as well as modern electronic boards. It is important to choose the correct kind of dartboard that fit your needs. Traditional dart boards can be manufactured from sisal fibre or synthetic fibre; some boards are made from hemp cork. Many players prefer fibre dartboards, the darts being less likely to bounce off. Dartboards are also made from tightly coiled paper and the most expensive ones use bristle.

Electronic dartboards are also available, though these are not recommended for serious players. Electronic dartboards incorporate location sensors which relay the position of the dart to a built in computer which then calculates the score.

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