The right clothing is important for athletics, but really it's the shoes you need to focus on. Pick a pair that are specifically designed for your sport and don't be afraid to swap spikes if you're switching between track and cross-country terrain - it's easy to do and will enhance every stride. Look out for rip-tab fastenings that kids won't need help with, cushioning for comfort and grippy soles that can handle the terrain and weather you're destined for.
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Get the grip you need for your event

At Decathlon we're dedicated to creating high-quality products which will make your run comfortable. Kalenji is our own running brand that is designing exclusive products that are tailored to our customers needs. Founded in 2004, the Kalenji brand is focused on innovation and improving the running experience for both beginner and advanced runners while maintaining low prices.

Our shoes provide men and women with a lightweight feel, support and traction for a variety of athletic events. For each event you need a different type of grip, but always a good grip. At Decathlon, you can find spikes for sprinting, middle-distance running, cross country running and even multi-purpose spikes that are versatile for each sport within a decathlon event.

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