Road Bike Helmets

The Decathlon range of road bike helmets are designed to provide protection without compromising on aerodynamics. Our helmets come in a range of styles, sizes and colours, ensuring all road cyclists can increase their safety.

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Thrasher Helmet Adult Grey

Thrasher Helmet Adult Grey

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Road Bicycle Helmets

Taking precautions to stay safe on the road is paramount, even for the most experienced road cyclists. Finding a suitable road bike helmet helps to ensure your head is protected and you’ve an additional layer of safety should an accident happen. Our range of road bike helmets covers many recognisable brands, and you can find a helmet that suits your style of riding and personal style too.

Road Bike Helmets in All Sizes

The fit or your cycling road helmet is vital to its effectiveness. Ensuring you have the right fit aids comfort and also ensures your helmet is able to provide optimal protection. Our range of helmets come in different sizes so you can check your measurements before choosing the right one for your needs.

Helmets with Road Cycling in Mind

Our extensive range of road bikesis really popular, and we recognise that road cyclists expect particular features from their helmets too. Helmets designed for road cycling are sleek and slim in design, with no bulky elements ensuring your speed and aerodynamics are not impacted by your additional safety protection. If safety and comfort are priorities, also take a look at the Decathlon range ofroad cycling gloves for protecting against callouses and providing some protection if you fall.

Savvy road cyclists may also want to invest in additional accessories and kit from our range including road cycling clothesandroad cycling shoes.

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