Swimming Goggles

A good pair of goggles is imperative. Whether taking laps in the pool or hitting open water, our goggles are available in different sizes, colours as well as for prescription. They feature hydrodynamic design, watertight seals, adjustable straps and anti-UV components.
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Swimming goggles are a must swimming accessory for regular swimming pool frequenters, and swimming goggles do a lot more than give you clearer vision!

Swimming goggles protect swimmers from a range of chemicals found in a swimming pool, from chlorine to natural bacteria that can lead to various infections and allergic reactions to the chemicals found in swimming pools. The Decathlon range of swim goggles protects your eyes and even extends the amount of time you can safely spend in the swimming pool with the added layer of protection — a popular accessory for snorkelers and swimmers alike. Keep your swimwear essentials safe with your dedicated Decathlon swim bag.

Our Decathlon range of swim goggles will improve your underwater visibility and confidence and allow you to focus on your strokes with the added spatial awareness made possible with your swim goggle. Our picks are fitted with anti-fogging treatment to offer you an unrivalled field of vision to make a real difference in your swim session.

These also come in handy in open water swimming to protect your eyes from salt or lake water while giving you the visibility you need to navigate natural terrain more comfortably.

Swimming Goggles for Kids

Kids have a lot to gain from using children’s goggles when first delving into the world of swimming. Dipping your head underwater can often be a little scary to little ones who have the natural instinct to keep their eyes closed shut. Our range of children’s goggles will give your kids the confidence and security to explore the underwater world around them in comfort.

Want to give your kids the perfect induction to the world of swimming? Check out our range of swimming caps and swimming towels today.

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