Trail Running

Trail running presents a different challenge to conventional road running, and you’ll need kit that can keep up with you. Uneven ground and hills get the sweat pumping so stay dry with specialist fabrics that wick away moisture to leave you cool and comfortable
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Decathlon is your one-stop trail running shop for runners of all abilities. Take to the trails with confidence with decathlon’s range of trail running gear. Browse our trail running equipment to find expertly designed gear to make sure you get the most out of your trail running adventures.

The best trail running shoes 

Our range of trail running shoes provides stability for rough and uneven surfaces without weighing your feet down. Both beginners and experts will benefit from the added grip and cushioning that our running shoes provide, helping you stay comfortable and safe when used on short sections of road running. 

The best trail running clothes 

Kit yourself out from head to toe with our full range of trail running clothes. Featuring trail running tops that are designed to resist backpack friction so you can run with comfort. Check out our wind and rainproof jackets that pack away for easy storage and waterproof trousers and gaiters, which are ideal for colder climates, whilst our trail running shorts and leggings are a great option for warmer weather.  

The best trail running accessories

Pack your gear away securely with one of our trail running backpacks and stay hydrated with our range of water bladders, up to 2 litres, to keep you hydrated as you tear up the trails. We've also got delicious running gels to give you that much-needed boost of energy when the going gets tough.

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