Open Water & Wild Swimming Gear

Open water swimming wetsuits offer you greater buoyancy and flexibility than traditional surfing wetsuits. Adapt to the unique demands of open water swimming with a swimming wetsuit that is designed to make you faster, safer and more comfortable in the water.
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Lomo Triton 5mm Wetsuit Boots

Lomo Triton 5mm Wetsuit Boots

Azure 2.0 Wetsuit
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Azure 2.0 Wetsuit

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Whether you are visiting your local lake, considering taking a dip at the beach or training for a triathlon; open water swimming sets itself apart from your usual swimming pool laps. When shopping for your wild swimming wetsuit, it’s all about warmth, protection and mobility as you.

Open Water Swimming Wetsuit

The most important part of choosing your swimming wetsuit is finding the right fit. Our range of open water swimming wetsuits is designed to improve your body position when you’re underwater as well as your freedom of movement. This is done by adding buoyancy to help you swim faster. We also feature flexible neoprene panels to create additional flotation and comfort while reducing the drag when you’re underwater.

Thermal Cold Water Swimming Gear

Finding a well-fitting water swimming wetsuit will reduce any pressure you might feel on your shoulders, neck and legs. Our range of cold water swimming gear will help you stay warm and reduce the cold shock response using our very own swimming technology. With GLIDE SKIN and STANDARD neoprene, you’re guaranteed durability and maximum warmth so you can perfect your glide in comfort.

Our wild swimming wetsuits are a standout in our range of open water accessories, designed to champion safety-first design without sacrificing the look. Effortless to put on and take off, the extra zip and super-stretchy material make it easy. No matter what stroke you choose, the sea swimming wetsuit will feel comfortable while eliminating chafing and bulges and give you the insulation you need in colder temperatures.

Found your form-fitting sea swimming wetsuit? Why not check out our swimming accessoriesandswimming aidsto nail your next surfing session?

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