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Whether you're a beginner or a professional tennis player, you need the right equipment. And the most important piece of kit is your tennis racket. We have a wide range of rackets for every type of player, and from all the best brands so you can find your perfect match.
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How To Choose Your Tennis Racket

How To Choose Your Tennis Racket

Tennis Rackets Tool Guide
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Fancy your chances as the next Djokovic or Williams? Best get practicing those shots and serves! With the help of our tennis rackets, you’ll be heading for centre court in no time. Even if you’re just playing for fun with friends, or as part of your keep-fit routine, you'll need a decent racket to help you.


We're specialists, and we know that everyone is different, be that age, size or ability, so we've made sure to pack our range of tennis rackets with something for all sports stars.

One of the main things to think about when choosing a new tennis racket is the size of the racket head — bigger gives you more power and because there's a greater surface area, you have more chance of hitting the ball. While a smaller design requires more power, but it will reward you with greater precision. And then once you've found the right tennis racket for you, be sure to stock up on tennis accessories like spare strings and grips. Oh, and a stylish tennis bag to carry everything in.


Whether you want to buy a tennis racket for yourself or a child, check out our in-house racket sports brand Artengo, made up of a professional and passionate team of tennis, badminton, and squash players who create great rackets, balls, shuttles, clothing, shoes, and everything else you might need to enjoy your favourite hobby.


At Decathlon, we have a huge range of tennis rackets to choose from for all types of players and abilities. As well as our Artengo rackets, which are already at a fantastic price, we also have regular promotions so you can save on your racket, and maybe even treat yourself to a new pair of tennis shoes?

For fun or for points, you'll find your dream tennis racket at Decathlon.

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