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Find all the kayak accessories you need to venture to the open waters comfortably and safely and look good while doing it! We’ve got the kayaking gear you need to suit whatever waterway, environment and weather conditions you’re venturing through.
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Aquapac Submersible Phone Case

Aquapac Submersible Phone Case

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Our range of neoprene gloves and neoprene boots for men and women are the perfect accessory for anyone venturing into colder temperatures and needing to keep warmer for longer. Avoid the dreaded claw of the cold and stay comfortable for longer so you can extend your sessions and get your fill of the water.


Our neoprene gloves for kayaking come in a variety of thicknesses to keep you warm without sacrificing flexibility. Our gloves for kayaking will guarantee a snug feel for greater comfort and boast unrivalled durability with powerful abrasion resistance. Boasting the powerful grip you need to keep a stronghold of your kayak paddle, combine warmth and flexibility with our uniquely stretched seams to transform your kayaking experience.

Whether you’re a keen surfer, kayaker or swimmer, our range of neoprene gloves works for anyone looking for a little heat in the cold.


Check out our ladies’ neoprene boots and men’s neoprene boots to enjoy high-grade material and find the perfect fit here at Decathlon. Our neoprene boots for kayaking will resist abrasion better than the best of them and provide you with the thermal comfort you need to level up and focus on your craft without worrying about the cold.

Our ladies and men’s neoprene boots offer toe and heel reinforcements for greater stability and are fitted with non-slip rubber soles so you can enjoy a greater grip no matter how wet it gets. Stay warm and don’t sacrifice functionality or style when out in the open water with our unrivalled range of ladies and men’s neoprene boots.

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