Ski Wear

Set to hit the slopes this season? Do so in style, comfort and warmth with our range of premium men's snowboard and ski wear. From warm layers to outerwear to all the essential accessories, your trip to the snow wouldn't be complete without these pieces. Mix and match your favourites for standout style on the slopes this season.
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What to wear when skiing

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Our ski wear selection will: help you look stylish, remain durable, be sustainable and comfortable- what more could you need from your ski wear?

Our base layers are lightweight and breathable, wicking away moisture and controlling odour. Our jackets and ski trousers are warm and waterproof, keeping both your and your child comfortable throughout an entire day of skiing. Keep a look out for our eco-friendly range, made from recycled material to benefit the environment!


Our range of adult and kids’ ski suits allows for warmth, comfort and full freedom of movement while on the slopes. Many also feature reinforced areas and additional padding, ideal for those inevitable slips and slides! 

If you're stuck on what to get or need a handy guide that will take you through all the essential ski wear you need to pack, then look no further; we've put together an extensive guide on what to wear when skiing in different seasons so you can stay prepared for whatever the elements have in store. 


From fully lined ski jackets to matching salopettes, here you'll find all the ski clothes you need to have your entire family packed and ready to hit the slopes. And if you fancy having a go at snowboarding, then look no further than our snowboard clothing range to get you kitted and ready for the snowy mountains.


When we talk about ski gear, we mean essentials like ski gloves, neck warmers and knitted hats, everything you need to stay cosy whilst you're out in the Alps. And when you're out of the snow but still want to venture outside, our apres ski boots are the perfect footwear choice once you're done with all your skiing activities.

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