Carp Fishing Spare Parts

Shop Decathlon's selection of replacement parts for carp fishing equipment. To keep your equipment in peak shape, we provide a range of replacement parts, including rod tips, guides, reel handles, and spools, all built from premium components. Keep your fishing outings hassle-free by having spare components on hand. See our collection now to stock up on everything you need for any excursion.
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Carp Fishing Spare Parts

Our aim is to bring the pleasure and benefits of Fishing to as many people as possible, to do this we have to strive to preserve our fishing grounds by limiting the impact of our operations on the planet. In response to this, we are striving to limit our footprint on the planet by designing products which are more resistant, longer-lasting and repairable, and repairability of our products is a key aspect of our environmental strategies.

For devoted anglers we know repairability is often an integral part of your DNA, this is why we want to provide you with as much self-sufficiency as possible to repair your own fishing tackle, with spare parts & instructions, and workshop services where possible. We have more than 400 spare parts in our catalogue, and our objective is to ensure these spare parts will remain available for five years after the end of sale of the product in question.

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