Hockey Sticks & Grips

From beginner to national league players we've got you covered with our hockey sticks and grips. No bow, mid bow and low bows to suit any style, as well as wood, fibreglass and a range of carbon composite hockey sticks to give you the power you need.
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Our Recommended Hockey Sticks

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Choose the right stick for your style of hockey

Our range includes Grays, Adidas, Kipsta and Korok wood, fibreglass and carbon composite hockey sticks for all level of ability.

Less experienced players need wood or fibreglass to make it easier to control the ball, while more experienced players prefer higher carbon content.

The lower the bow the easier it is to perform 3D skills and tricks, but the harder it is to do basics like stopping the ball or hitting it. We also stock hockey balls within our Field Hockey department.

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