Bike Wheels, Tyres & Inner Tubes

Choosing new bike tyres or other bike wheel accessories can be overwhelming, but we're here to make it easy. Filter by size and bike type, then choose the width, durability, grip, and bead to suit you and your adventures.

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Replacement Bike Wheels and Tyres

What’s a bike without wheels? It’s certainly going to get you nowhere and our range of bike wheels, tyres and accessories ensures you can quickly and easily replace any missing element. You may have a preferred tyre manufacturer or simply be looking for a quick replacement for your everyday bike. At Decathlon we make it easy to find the right wheel and tyre essentials for your bike.

Bike Wheels and Tyres

Our extensive range of bike wheels and tyres ensures you can easily replace or upgrade your bike. You can search our range of bike wheelswith ease, ensuring you find the right size and style for your needs. We also stock a wide range ofbike wheel parts when you do not need a complete wheel change.

The tyre selection at Decathlon ensures you can get the exact style to suit your cycling. There are road tyres, MTB tyres and plenty of different bike tyres in the range to ensure the level of quality, grip, durability and more you are looking for.

Bike Inner Tubes

Inner tubes are a vital part of your bike tyre’s construction. While tubeless tyres now exist, many riders prefer a classic tyre with an inner tube. Our stock includes many different bike inner tubes from recognised brands including Michelin and Continental.

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