MTB Shoes

MTB flat shoes are designed to give you maximum grip and pedal coverage over varying terrain. While your mountain bike is bouncing down the side of a hill, a pair of mountain bike shoes helps you keep your feet on the pedals.

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Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain bike shoes are built differently to other styles of cycling shoes. When you’re going over rough terrain at speed, you simply cannot have yfeet attached to your pedals. This means MTB shoes need to tackle grip in a different way. They operate similarly to skate shoes and feature thick rubber soles to ensure your feet grip to the pedals while still having the freedom to lift off if needed.

Clipless MTB Shoes

The right shoes for mountain biking allow you to tackle any terrain. Their flat soles aid are thick and easily grip to your MTB pedals yet give the flexibility and breathability your feet need too. If off-roading is your passion, then mountain bike shoes are a must-buy.

MTB Flat Shoes

Opting for purpose-designed mountain bike shoes does not mean you have to sacrifice style. Our range of MTB shoes come in a range of styles and sizes to suit fit and personal taste. Many have a similar look to skate shoes while others have that traditional cycling shoe appearance.

To enjoy a comfortable, high performance mountain bike ride, it’s worth investing in the right kit. At Decathlon you’ve got your pick of high-quality mountain bikesas well asmountain bike accessoriesand other items ofmountain bike clothingto team with your shoes. Don’t forget the importance of safety and check out our range ofmountain bike helmets too.

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