Welcome to the Decathlon bike shop. Here you'll find our range of bikes from our in-house experts at Btwin, Rockrider, Triban and more. We've got a variety of bike styles to choose from for both men and women, as well as plenty of variety for every age range.
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Lifetime warranty on all metal bike frames

Bike workshop available in stores

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£299.99 -40%
Schwinn Breaker 24 G

Schwinn Breaker 24 G

£269.99 -38%
Mongoose Ritual 500

Mongoose Ritual 500

4.2/5 Based on 74900 Reviews collected online and in stores

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Whether you’re just browsing ahead of a visit to one of our stores or you’re looking to buy a bike online, our bike shop will give you all the information that you need to make an informed decision on your next bike, and we have everything you need for all your cycling adventures.

Sports and Adventure Bikes

If you're looking for more than a commuting or hobby bike, you really want to get out there and explore on two wheels, then our adventure bikes are ideal for you. We have an extensive range of mountain bikes that can take on even the toughest terrain - they're game if you are! If you're looking for a sports bike you're probably pretty clued up on what you need, you'll find plenty of information on all our bikes and features on the product pages, we're sure you'll find what you're looking for.

Adult Bikes

Bikes for grown-ups come in a huge range of styles, depending on what you're planning to do with them. If you're not sure where you'll be using the bike once you get going, a hybrid bike that is between a speedy road bike and a mountain bike for exploring might be a good place to start. Once you're confident with your bike why not take the family out with you? We have a range of kids' bikes that will suit all ages and tastes.

For bikes specifically tailored to suit female riders, our womens' bikes are sized differently from unisex bikes and offer a more comfortable ride.

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