Squash Shoes

Once you've played squash with the right shoes, you'll never consider wearing any old trainers again. Our squash shoes are designed specifically for squash courts and offer great stability, comfort and ventilation. Keep your eyes peeled for reinforced panels if you play regularly.
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These are the shoes to wear for squash

Get a pair of trainers perfect for indoor racket sports with some squash shoes from Decathlon. These shoes will keep you up on your feet during intense squash games and remain comfortable and well ventilated. Ensure that the shoes have a cushioned, flexible base in order to absorb some of the impact of playing on a hard court surface.

Squash shoes have many similarities to other sport shoes, like badminton and tennis for example, but in squash it’s also important to have extra ankle support as you’re often twisting and turning in a relatively small amount of space. Check through Decathlon’s range for the perfect size shoes, including a number of designs in half sizes so you can get the perfect fit. We also stock squash socks within our Squash department.

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