Table Tennis Tables

Fixed or folding, indoor or outdoor - whether you want your playing surface to make for easy stowaway and transportation or looking for the biggest and sturdiest table tennis table around — nothing beats winning on a backhander in your home.
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Table cover SPORT

Table cover SPORT

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Ping Pong Table

Whether you want an indoor table tennis table to play with your family in the comfort of your home or are looking to get competitive with our outdoor table tennis table range, find the ping pong table you’re looking for right here.

Table Tennis Tables for Sale

Decathlon’s table tennis tables for sale are weather-resistant and boast excellent bounce and playability, so you can show off your skills - whatever the weather. From withstanding hours of play to excellent stability, find out just why our range of table tennis tables stands out from the rest.

Easy to set up and get running in minutes, take your serves to the next level and push your speedy returns to the limit with a table that impresses.

Folding Table Tennis Table

Find the convenient option in our folding table tennis tables without sacrificing a large playing surface area. Whether you’re looking for gentle exercise or vigorous training, our range of foldable table tennis tables is capable of taking you there.

If you’re looking for foldable table tennis tables to buy, you’ll find our range of ping pong tables guarantee durability and corrosion resistance and can take your hardest smashes without a dent. Don’t forget about convenience; easily closed and opened with a range of safety locks in place, transportation is made easy. Our tables are made to last, keeping your tabletop and frame in excellent condition, no matter how adverse the weather conditions or how strong the UV light.

Get all things table tennis right here, with our range of table tennis nets and table tennis table accessories featuring table covers, bat holders and more.

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