Bike Drivetrain & Gear Parts

Your bike drivetrain consists of all the parts that allow you to pedal and move your bike. Shop our range of drivetrains and gear parts at Decathlon. We have everything you need to take your drivetrain system up a gear.

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Maintaining your Bike Drivetrain

Without an effective drivetrain, your bike won’t take you anywhere. The bike drivetrain includes all the cranks, cassette and chains that allow your bike to move when you pedal. If part of your drivetrain breaks or becomes damaged, pedalling can become significantly harder or even impossible. Decathlon stocks a full range of drivetrain and gear parts to help you repair problems or upgrade your system.

Essential Bike Gear Parts

The elements of your bike drivetrain need to work together to create a smooth ride and keep your gears ticking over. The key elements you may look to enhance or replace include many of our core stock items such as bike chainsandbike chainrings, as well as bike cranksets. Any element of your bike’s drivetrain can be upgraded or replaced, and at Decathlon we stock everything including bike gear shifters for your handlebars and additional gear parts.

Maintaining your Bike’s Gear System

Without smooth and effective gear changes cycling isn’t much fun. We’re pleased to stock a wide range of drivetrain components and parts, designed to help keep your bike on the road or enhance your riding experience. There are many ways your gears can feel like they’re not functioning at their best and often replacing some of the component parts of your drivetrain can help. Visit us instore and our colleagues can help identify the problem and find the right parts.

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