Table Tennis Shoes

Looking to step up your footwork? For intermediate and advanced players, table tennis shoes are the perfect accessory if you’re looking for a little extra grip while staying light on your feet. Move faster - easier, with your own pair of table tennis shoes today.
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The Decathlon table tennis trainers range can be worn across a variety of racket sports. Whether it’s badminton, squash or any other indoor sport where you’re looking for a little extra comfort, cushioning and impact resistance to last you across aggressive plays and movements - find your perfect pair of table tennis trainers here.

Our high-end table tennis shoes are fitted with gel for extra comfort and stability to make a difference on match day, making sure to cushion any impact you might run up against. Browse our range of table tennis trainers for breathability, stability and comfort so you can boost your performance in style.

Looking for the whole table tennis look? Check out our table tennis clothing and our wide range of ping pong accessories.


Our range of table tennis shoes is designed to make movement easier. Providing you with a powerful grip, a thin sole and a lightweight make, you can move and pivot with greater comfort with less likelihood of injury.

Whether pivoting from side to side, forwards or backwards, the right shoes for table tennis will make you quicker, sharper and more comfortable in all kinds of positions and plays.


You’ll find the best table tennis shoes in our collection boasting branded table tennis shoes for sale; browse through Asics, Pongori and Adidas varieties for the ultimate guarantee of quality.

Take the fun home while you’re at it and get your very own indoor table tennis table and table tennis ball machine.

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