Skimboarding is a fun and versatile sport that can be enjoyed both in and out of the water. Looking for skimboards for beginners? Whether you want a wooden skimboard or a foam skimboard, for adults or for children, take a look at our full range below.
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Skimboarding is a board sport, similar to surfing, but also combining some elements of skateboarding. The sport has two main disciplines - wave and flatland skimboarding - with different boards and equipment required for each.


A skimboard is essentially a shorter, rounder-looking surfboard that can be ridden in shore break waves and also inland, wherever there's a thin wash of waves to jump on. Skimboards are also similar to skateboards in that they allow you to practice tricks that skateboarders will recognise, like ollies, kick outs, and hippie jumps. And there are two types of skimboards: foam and wooden skimboards. A foam skimboard is lightweight and made specifically for riding waves. They are the most technical style of boards, and they come in a variety of levels, from skimboards for beginners to intermediate and advanced.


A wooden skimboard is only used for flatland skimboarding. Commonly made from mahogany plywood or birch, wooden skimboards are solid and super durable, built to shred rails and slide and pop in all sorts of conditions. They're much shorter and thinner, yet heavier than their floaty foam cousins.


Decathlon has a range of skimboards to choose from, including models for kids and adults, foam and wooden skimboards, and skimboards for beginners. And there are a variety of shapes and styles, so whether you choose a foam or a wooden skimboard, it's important to choose a board that fits your height and weight. A board that's too big will be difficult to manoeuvre, and a board that's too small won't hold your weight. So it's best to go for the smallest board in your height/weight range that you can manage. This will give you good speed with lots of control.

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