Longboards & Cruisers

A longboard is a longer version of the classic skateboard and our range offers a variety of sizes — giving way to greater speeds, stability and manoeuvrability! Their increase in length makes them the go-to board for cruising. Get your longboards & cruisers in one of our bold graphic-print designs now.
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Ocean Complete Pintail Longboard
£89.95 -44%

Ocean Complete Pintail Longboard

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passionate pastime itself. Cruise the seafront, and city centre and explore the outdoors on four wheels, with Decathlon’s powerful range of cruiser boards.

Decathlon’s longboards stand out in style, manoeuvrability and durability, built with powerful wheels that’ll give you a smooth ride even on rougher surfaces.

Longboards for Beginners

Our range of longboards for beginners gives you more room to play with, along with the additional stability and wriggle room to make mistakes in comfort. Longboard skateboards are the perfect beginner-friendly introduction to the world of skating. The drop-through will help you keep your balance and offer greater stability as you’re in the process of getting to know the board and working out just how the cruiser skateboard responds to your movements. Need a board to accommodate your advanced riding and deliver on those sharper turns? Check out our range of skateboardsandskate shoesfor the whole fit.

Oxelo Longboards

If you’re looking for longboards, Oxelo longboards are the way to go, guaranteeing quality through every twist and turn. Oxelo longboards offer a wider wheelbase and unrivalled glide performance to give you the smooth ride you’re looking forth. Offering a lower deck cruiser skateboard will help you push off with ease and enjoy easier handling – the go-to longboard for beginners.

You’ll also find more advanced cruiser boards to help you level up. Our premium cruiser skateboards stand out with pro-quality components and Tony-Hawk-approved design to impress in functionality and look. Get your longboard skateboards here, no matter your skill level or riding style.

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