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Ride the waves like a pro with Decathlon's paddle board spare parts. Make sure your kit is kept well maintained and prolong your SUP board’s lifespan and performance with the right quality SUP board spare parts to get your money’s worth.
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Stand-up paddleboarding stands apart in how accessible the sport is to any and all watersport enthusiasts, with a quick learning curve to become a seasoned paddler. The sport can be enjoyed on flat oceans, lakes, canals, rivers, inland waterways and surf zones. And we’ve got the gear to cater to all that and more.

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Get started with the best in-house brand that watersport has to offer with Decathlon’s very own — Itiwit. Our specialist team is made up of SUP enthusiasts that know stand-up paddling inside-out, including the unique demands paddlers face on the open water, whether it’s for touring, racing or surfing.

Find your new passion as you glide on the open water with a range of paddle boards to choose from. Want to opt for the more convenient, compact and transportable inflatable stand-up paddle board? We bring you all the inflatable SUP accessoriesyou need to go along with your chosen pick so you’re prepped for your next excursion. Or maybe you’d rather go classic and get on the water as soon as possible without setting aside time to prep and inflate your SUP with ourrigid stand-up paddle boards instead?

Get your SUP accessories and SUP wetsuits fitted with all the functionality you need in a variety of makes, sizes, and thicknesses and know exactly what you're looking for when it comes to paddles, wetsuits and safety equipment.

We offer something for everyone, covering beginner paddlers, learner boards and speed and manoeuvrability features so you can compete with the best of them — there’s something for every skill level.

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