Kayak Wetsuits

Look the part and stay warm with our wide array of kayaking wetsuits, from full-length all-in-one wetsuits to shorty style, you’ll find your fit whether you’re going for a paddle or dive. Choose the kayak wetsuit that’ll work for you.
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What to wear kayaking

Osprey Origin Men's 5/4mm Wetsuit Black
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Osprey Origin Men's 5/4mm Wetsuit Black

Osprey Origin Mens 5/4mm Wetsuit Red
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Osprey Origin Mens 5/4mm Wetsuit Red

Lomo Lomo Spraytop CX

Lomo Lomo Spraytop CX

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Brave chilly waters with kayaking wetsuits you can count on. Our range of sea kayak clothing will provide you with the protection you need to minimise the risk of stiffness and fatigue so you can stay in the water longer without worrying about your body temperature dipping to dangerous levels. And we work in sunny conditions too; our long-sleeve wetsuits will help you protect yourself from harmful UV rays and sunburns with the greater coverage and thick-make so you can kayakall year round — safely.

Kayaking Wetsuit

Our team of kayak clothing enthusiasts developed this fantastic range of wetsuits to be suitable for all skill levels. Ideal for venturing out into the open water, our kayak wetsuits are available in different sizes, lengths, designs and thicknesses so you can find your perfect fit.

At Decathlon, we ensure durability with our rigorous testing of sea kayak clothing and ensure optimal protection, comfort and flexibility — so you don’t have to sacrifice a single thing when venturing out to the waters.

Winter Kayak Clothing

While kayaking wetsuits are made to resist the cold, there are a few extra sets of sea kayak clothing you can consider to keep the cold at bay. We offer a range of thermal base layers which are a game-changer in our winter kayak clothing collection. Our layers make it easy to maintain your temperature, with our range of winter kayak clothing made with stretchable material so you can continue to enjoy the freedom of movement while retaining your body temperature with ease.

You’ll also find kayak neoprene boots and gloves fitted with extra thickness to help you stay nice and toasty and keep hypothermia at bay.

Ladies Kayak Clothing

We also offer a wide range of ladies' kayak clothing and cover all the basics with our range. Made to be lighter, rugged and durable without restricting your freedom of movement, free up your shoulders with our sleeveless variety for easy paddling and protect yourself against abrasion. Our ladies' kayak clothing range is made for easy dressing with a front zip and gives you the comfort you need to paddle in leisure.

Looking for a few extra kayaking necessities? Check out our range of dry bagsandinflatable kayak accessories for the whole nine.

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