Turbo Trainers

Bring your cycling training indoors with a turbo trainer. Turbo trainers effectively turn your bike into an exercise bike meaning that you can get the practice time in on the bike you’d be riding outdoors. We stock a range from bTwin and TacX to choose from.

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Bike Turbo Trainer

Practice your sprints in the comfort of your own home with realistic sensations, a smart turbo trainer is perfect for use during winter months when you don’t want to head out on your bike. Alter the gradient to tackle indoor king of the mountain style segments too, to give yourself a well-rounded cycle training session.

Cycling Indoor Trainer

An indoor bike trainer is a great way to not let your prowess on the bike fall down over the colder months. Even if you head out as often as the sun is shining you're going to be sitting at home on the sofa more often than you would be over summer. An indoor bike stand trainer gives you the option not just to train but to train on your road bike, without having and extra cost and maintenance of a spinning machine - let alone the extra space needed to house another large piece of equipment.


Even when you're cycling inside you still need to wear the right clothes for a successful ride, you'll be out of the weather so we recommend cool cycling clothing. You'll be on your bike with the same chances of slipping a pedal and smashing your shin, so a cycling shoe is still a good investment.

If you're a phone addict like most of us, then a bike phone holder means you can keep up to date with your notifications while you ride - without losing momentum. Our bike water bottles and holders are also important, you need to replace all that sweat when you're really going for it!

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