Protein Shakers & Water Bottles

Staying hydrated and properly fueling your body during workouts and throughout the day has never been easier. Our protein shakers and water bottles combine functionality, durability, and style, ensuring you have the perfect companion to keep you hydrated and on top of your game.
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At Decathlon, we understand the importance of properly hydrating your body and keeping up with your nutrients and fluids. That's why we offer a wide selection of premium protein shakers and water bottles designed for all your sports hydration needs to meet the requirements of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone leading an active lifestyle. 

Check out our selection of water and sugar-free drinks to stay hydrated and support your active lifestyle.

Shake Up Your Nutrition with The Best Protein Shakers

Our protein shakers are specifically designed to make mixing protein shakes and supplements a breeze. With their innovative features, these shakers ensure smooth and lump-free shakes every time. Equipped with secure lids and leak-proof seals, they are perfect for on-the-go use, whether heading to the gym or running. The convenient built-in mixing mechanisms and measurement markings make it easy to customise your shakes to meet your nutritional needs.

There's no mess and no fuss with our protein shaker bottles. Simply spoon in the recommended amount of powder, add water and shake to mix properly. 30 seconds of shaking will ensure your shake is perfectly smooth - no horrible lumpy bits! - and is a great warm-up to your workout.

Hydrate in Style With The Best Water Bottles: 

Staying properly hydrated is essential for maintaining optimal performance and overall well-being. Our water bottles are functional and stylish, allowing you to hydrate in style wherever you go. Made from high-quality materials, these bottles are durable, BPA-free, and designed to withstand the rigours of an active lifestyle. The leak-proof lids and easy-to-use flip-top or screw-on caps ensure you can enjoy your favourite beverages without spills or leaks.

Keep Your Drinks at the Perfect Temperature With The Best Insulated Bottles

Our insulated bottles are a perfect choice for those who prefer hot or cold beverages throughout the day. These double-walled bottles are designed to keep your drinks at the ideal temperature for extended periods. Whether you want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee during your morning commute or keep your water ice-cold during a strenuous workout, our insulated bottles will be your reliable companion.

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