Trail Running Backpacks & Belts

To get the most out of your sports experiences, you need to make sure you stay hydrated, not only for optimum performance but also for health and safety. Check out our brilliant range of running backpacks and water bottle carriers to help you stay hydrated and refreshed throughout the day.
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Eco Cool Insulated Cool Bag

Eco Cool Insulated Cool Bag

Yeti Rambler Straw Mug

Yeti Rambler Straw Mug

Quick Stow Flask

Quick Stow Flask

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We understand that when you’re out exercising and running the last thing you want is to be carrying too many things in your hands and feeling cluttered from overpacking; that’s why we have a wide selection of running backpacks and water bottle holders to take that stress away from you. 

The best water bottle carriers 

Whether you’re after a classic backpack or a minimalistic running belt, you’ll find a great range of running accessories to make your runs much more enjoyable. Relieve yourself from the burden of heavy backpacks and unnecessary clutter with a bottle carrier. They have a special compartment to store your water bottle and additional pockets for added storage for things like keys, protein bars and any other running snacks you may need to enhance your sporting experience.

Choosing the best trail running backpacks 

For longer distances, a running backpack may be a more suitable option. Because you’ve not only got to factor in essentials like a running sweatshirt in case the chill sets in or a light waterproof jacket for any unexpected showers; you’ve also got to think about all the additional gear that would come in handy, especially for health and safety. 

Check out our running lights and head torches to help you see and be seen whilst you’re out exploring. Whether you’re out in the open countryside or making your way up a mountain and the sun comes down before you manage to make it home, make sure you stay visible. Another option to help you stay seen and safe would be to wear some hi vis running gear; choose from reflective vests to flashing motion lights that use your body's movement to generate its own LED light, making it friendly for the environment and kind to your pocket.

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