Padel Shoes

When shopping for pedal shoes, comfort and stability is key to helping you stop and start and change directions at a moment’s notice. Find pedal shoes for different court surfaces with different bounce and support to find your fit.
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The right padel shoes will give you the support you need to keep up with the erratic movements required in padel. Stopping and starting and changing directions instantly is all part of the game, and you need footwear to not only accommodate your movements but keep you comfortable throughout while staying intact for the long haul. 

Consider Padel shoes if you’re engaging in the sport at least a couple of times a week, and your shoes will make a difference on the court for quick movement, sudden turns and powerful jumps. 

Decathlon’s range of padel shoes offers a stiff sole and a softer upper for quick rotations and flexibility. Check out our padel racketsandpadel balls for the whole kit. 

Reduce the likelihood of injury

Much like with any sport, pedal shoes are also a great way for you to minimise the likelihood of injury. 

Padel shoes offer the right balance in grip; too much will reduce your mobility and can place excessive strain on your knees and leg joints, while too little can result in limited responsiveness during gameplay and even lead to slips on the court.

Padel shoes also vary in ankle support, depending on high or low this is, it can help with your agility and speed. 

Decathlon Pedal Shoes

Decathlon stocks padel shoes for men and women, with a variety of makes and materials on offer and technology to optimise your performance on the court including gel cushioning and shock absorption.

Did you know that we also stock padel bag for easy transportation and convenience? Get yours today. 

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