Padel Clothing

Padel clothing is all about mobility and comfort, fitted with moisture-wicking technology while keeping you light on your feet. Discover the Decathlon range below.
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Decathlon’s padel clothing range features shirts and shorts as well as sweatshirts and socks; you can find specialised pedal shoes, if you’re looking to build the whole kit.  

Your pedal sportswear should tick a few boxes, with one of the most important functionalities being breathability to keep you fresh, dry and comfortable through intensive play. Getting sweaty is part of being active, but staying in that state for an extended period of time can drop your temperature more than is ideal. By opting for one of our padel sportswear, your sportswear will move the moisture from inside your clothes to the exterior, allowing you to dry off quicker than when wearing non-sportswear fabric like cotton.

Make sure your clothes are stretchy to give you the freedom of movement you need to navigate the court unimpeded. The Decathlon range will keep up with you!

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Padel Shirts and Shorts

Our padel shirts are usually made from polyester for excellent moisture management, lightweight make and mobility. You’ll find a wide variety of brands, designs, sizes and colours for you to choose from; so you can look and feel your best. 

For extra features, look out for wrinkle and abrasion resistance for long-lasting options.

For shorts, Decathlon shorts feature convenient pockets to fit your padel ball, and an elasticated waistband and drawstring keep them perfectly in place.

Check out our range of padel accessories while you’re on the browse. 

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