Running Electronics

If you enjoy running, then our range of running accessories can really help enhance your performance. From running GPS watches and torches to earphones for your favourite tunes, find the best running accessories for you. Shop online or visit your local Decathlon store.
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Our range of running electronics are a selection of added extras designed to aid your running hobby. From accessories to motivate, to make you more comfortable, or to enhance your performance, we've got so much to choose from in our range for all levels of runner.


We've got running armbands and sports earphonesto help you turn your phone into a tool to motivate you through music and track your times and distances. And if you don't want to carry your phone when running, then our range of running watches will give you a wealth of data about your runs to help you improve and excel. It's not all clever gadgets though, you'll also find a range of running lights for those winter runs in the dark, or a selection ofrunning backpacks so that you can start running to work or adding a little weight to your workouts.


Taking care of your body is essential to your overall wellbeing. That's why our running accessories range is packed with high-quality products that will help you stay comfortable and protected while you run. We have everything you need to enhance your running experience, including heart rate monitors, GPS trackers, smartwatches and running torches. We also have a wide range of men's running shoes, socks, running vests, water bottles, hats, hi vis clothing and phone holder armbands, allowing you to smash your PB in comfort and safety.


Every runner, whether amateur or professional, can benefit from a reliable running smartwatch to help them meet their fitness goals. These clever gadgets track your workouts and send the stats to your smartphone so you can keep tabs on where you're at. A runnnng smartwatch will count your steps and track how many calories you're burning. They'll also monitor your heart rate and sleep quality. Most are waterproof and notify you of texts and calls, too. Many also have built-in GPS so you don't need to take your phone with you on your runs.

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