Padel Rackets

Find our performance-boosting padel rackets below, with options for every playing type and experience level. Discover the latest models and classics from brands that you know, love and trust.
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Head Flash Padel Racket Red/Black
£90 -22%

Head Flash Padel Racket Red/Black

Head Zephyr Padel Racket
£150 -26%

Head Zephyr Padel Racket

Wilson Ultra Elite v2 Padel Racket
£170 -17%

Wilson Ultra Elite v2 Padel Racket

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Find our extensive padel racket collection that will boost your play like no other. Our padel rackets are control based, easy and comfortable to use, so you’ll find our range accessible and beginner-friendly. For those looking to step it up, we’ve also got a wide range of options for intermediates and experts. These rackets are designed to help you build power offering high balance and a sweet spot that empowers your smashes.

Pulling your essentials together? Get your padel balls while you’re at it. 

Padel Racket Shapes

Padel rackets are all about their shapes, which indicate what playing style and experience level you fall into. With round, teardrop and diamond shapes being the main three padel racket shapes, round head shapes are most suited to beginners. 

Due to the light head balance, it’s easier for beginners to manouvre and move the racket and maximise comfort to learn the basics. Round padel rackets also have larger sweet spots to help you with off-centre shots and are more forgiving when you’re still learning the ropes. While the racket is optimised to provide excellent control, it might lack power, which might mean an upgrade to a teardrop padel racket shape is due.

The teardrop racket is perfect for intermediates, striking the perfect balance between power and control and will adapt to most playing styles. The right padel shoes will further help you stay on the attack with the right grip and support you need to stay on the offensive. 

Been playing for a minute? Check out our diamond rackets for pros, offering a head heavy balance, maximising power with a small sweet spot. Perfect for attacking playing styles.

Ready to go to your padel class? Make sure you have a padel bag for all your essentials and padel accessories.  

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