Inspired by the classic skateboard but optimised to bring you a little more freedom of movement, stability and a smoother ride, waveboards are the beginner’s go-to choice and will work within your budget. We've got something for you in this collection, so find your perfect board today.
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Waveboards differ from your classic skateboard as a board that runs on only two wheels and can take you wherever you need without you having to put a single foot on the ground. Waveboards differ in their wheel size and deck shape and consist of two parts connected by a rod that is able to rotate on the caster. This means with special twisting, you are able to move the board without the push-off you’d need with a regular longboard.

Waveboards are the more body-friendly option for rides, putting less strain on your joints and helping you build coordination and balance.

Oxelo Waveboards

Carve your corners more smoothly than ever before with your dedicated waveboard to make a real difference underfoot.

Our Oxelo waveboards are made to be a piece of cake to handle, making sure that balancing isn’t a headache and you learn the ropes quicker than ever before. Easy to use, simply balance, ride and turn to master everything your Oxelo waveboard has to offer. Our waveboards are robust and provide you with excellent glide performance so you can enjoy a smooth ride wherever your destination.

Waveboards for kids

We’ve got waveboards for kids of all skill levels, giving you the functionality and comfort you need to learn the ropes quickly and surf the road in style. Don’t forget your skate shoes to ensure you stay cosy as you reach new heights.

While you’re at it, why not try your hand at roller skating too?

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