Bike Brakes Parts

The mechanical portions of your bike are incredibly important, such as the cassette, bike brakes, drivetrains and chains. Our diverse collection helps you improve the quality of your bike, guaranteeing it rides well, meaning more time on two wheels for you.

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Whichever bike you have – mountain, city, gravel, touring, hybrid, BMX – at some point the brakes on your two-wheeler will need TLC. Our range of Shimano brake parts will serve you well, ranging from pads and fluid to levers.


If Btwin is more your go-to, browse our selection of Btwin brake parts for the likes of cables and cantilevers. Other brands in our collection include in-house Decathlon, Ashima, Clarks Cycle Systems, Marwi, BBB, XLC and Rockrider – plus more.

Our varied online store also offers an array of additional parts like bike gear cables, bike gear shifters, and bike gears. And we sell bike repair kits too, for your maintenance needs. Before you know it, you’ll be clicking ‘add to basket’.

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