Rock Climbing & Bouldering Clothes

Get the most out of your climbing with our range of clothes including pants, tops, jackets and bandanas. Each piece offers abrasion resistance, freedom of movement and moisture management so you can focus on scaling new heights in comfort and security.
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The kit you need to start climbing

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Climbing Trousers

The climbing trousers from Decathlon will let you scale new heights. These excellent additions to your wardrobe of climbing clothes are designed for maximum comfort and functionality. Our men's climbing trousers and women's climbing trousers are expertly made to enable freedom of mobility for all varieties of climbing. With specifically reinforced stitching designed to withstand the rigours of the cliff face, these trousers provide exceptional durability. 

Check out our climbing harnessesandclimbing carabiners while you’re here!

Climbing Clothes

Our selection of climbing trousers aims to meet every demand a climber may have in addition to our wide range of climbing shoes and climbing helmets. For breathable climbing t-shirts, casual climbing jeans and flexible climbing leggings, check out our selection. Our assortment of climbing clothes offers the ideal balance of functionality and fashion.

Climbing Shorts

Our climbing shorts are a go-to option in warmer weather. With additional breathability, they provide the same durable quality as our climbing trousers. These climbing shorts guarantee maximum mobility and endurance, making them perfect for both indoor bouldering and outdoor climbing.

Decathlon's philosophy is to fit you with performance-boosting gear. Each piece in our collection has undergone thorough testing and has proven to impress. We have everything you need, including jeans, climbing trousers and t-shirts. Scale new heights with Decathlon's climbing clothes.

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