Camping Cooking Equipment

There’s something about eating outdoors that lifts the spirits, and with camping cooking equipment from Decathlon, you can look forward to cooking up a storm on your next camping trip. Order online today and make the most of our fast delivery service.
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What to take camping

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Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Whether you’re grilling on the barbecue, cooking up a storm on your camping stove outside your tent or even refuelling with some camping food after a long day hiking in the hills, the outdoors simply makes everything taste that little bit better. Decathlon’s range of outdoor cooking equipment has everything you need to prepare tasty meals on your next outdoor adventure.

From solo campers and those on expeditions who need lightweight stoves to families who demand more from their camping stove, Decathlon has plenty of options for what to cook on beyond a barbecue. We stock a range of camping cooking gear from in-house brand Quechua and camping cooking experts CampingGaz and all the gas refills you need.

Decathlon has all the cooking equipment you may need, whether you just need a pot for boiling water or a variety of camping pots and pans to rustle up your camping meals. We also stock a range of packable cooksets to help you save space when packing your camping equipment. Round off your camping cooking equipment with all the lightweight bowls, plates, utensils and cutlery you need.

An enjoyable camping holiday is all about comfort, and that comfort comes in the knowledge that you have everything you need (including a tin opener). And thanks to Decathlon’s outdoor cooking equipment, you’ll have everything covered.

If you’re planning a summer camping trip, don’t let any pesky mosquitos and other flying insects spoil your holiday. Decathlon’s mosquito repellent and deet spray will protect you and your family from flying pests on your outdoor adventures this summer season.

If going out on long hikes is one of your favourite parts of a camping trip, make sure you’re kitted out with all the hiking gear and equipment you might need before heading off. Decathlon has everything you need for a successful hike, including hiking poles, water bottles, maps, torches and compasses.

Do you get hot and bothered sleeping at night when camping during the summer? If you always use the same sleeping bag all year round, that’s where you might be going wrong. Thicker, heavy-duty sleeping bags might be great for cold weather but will make your nights feel sticky and uncomfortable during the summer. For a summer camping trip, you need a lightweight sleeping bag that will keep you nice and cool during the night, even when it’s warm outside. And because they are so lightweight, it makes them really easy to carry in your backpack if you fancy heading out for a spot of wild summer camping.

If you’re taking electronic devices on your next camping adventure, remember to add a portable charger to your camping kit. Mobile phones, kids’ tablets, electric bikes and scooters will all need charging up eventually. Decathlon has a range of portable charges, so you can make sure all your USB devices are running for as long as possible.

While a good quality sleeping mat and sleeping bag are crucial to a good night’s sleep under the stars, don’t underestimate the importance of a good camping pillow. A camping pillow will ensure maximum comfort while you sleep, whether choosing one of Decathlon’s inflatable camping pillows or a light and fluffy portable neck pillow.

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