Windsurf Boards & Sails

Whether you dream of helping your child with their first beach start or perfecting your own windsurfing skills, this range of boards and sails is a good place to start. For learning, try an inflatable board and later, invest in the complete kit.
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There's ample opportunity to propel your board and sails with wind in the UK

Having the right windsurfing equipment is key for any windsurfer, whether just starting out or more experienced. Here at Decathlon, we provide you with everything you need from sails and boards to accessories and more. Choose from a wide range of different windsurfing boards and sails in a range of colours, as well as masts and reels that will allow you to repair or customise your board.

You'll also find plenty of accessories including windsurfing board bags as well as covers and harness lines: the perfect one stop shop from which to buy all of your windsurfing accessories. Also view our full water sports range.

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