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For our planet. For our pocket.

Why Decathlon SECOND LIFE?

Together we can recycle, repair and reuse more products and prevent unwanted products from going to waste

With our dedication to sustainability, we see no reason why these items can't still be enjoyed by a whole range of sports lovers. Our team of experts fully refurbishes every Second Life product, so we can then offer them to you at prices that are even kinder to your pocket.

Second Life | Decathlon

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Our core values

Our all encompassing mission reflects the passions and ethics of the perople working on the Seconds Life project. As a team working within a global businesses, we know Decathlon has a huge role to play in inspiring positive changes across the world

Second Life | Decathlon
Inspire positive change for the planet and its people Our all encompassing mission reflects the passion and ethics of the people working on the Second Life project. As a team working within a global business, we know Decathlon has a huge role to play in inspiring positive change across the world.
Second Life | Decathlon
Sell Less, Repair More Second Life products support our mission to significantly reduce our waste and CO2 emissions. Refurbishing these products also helps us to greatly increase their lifespan. In turn this means we will sell less products as new and consume fewer materials, helping to reduce our impact on the environment.
Second Life | Decathlon
Lead reform in business As a team we will always look to take risks, be innovative and show there is another, more sustainable, way. By proving our business can adapt and thrive at the same time as reducing our impact on the environment, we hope to inspire positive change throughout Decathlon.
Second Life | Decathlon
Make Sport Accessible We believe the pleasure and benefits of sport should be accessible for everyone, regardless of their background. Second Life enables us to provide you with products at discounted prices and access to equipment that may no longer be available as new.